Better for Your Business, Better for the Environment

Redefine the watercooler conversation at your facility with water systems from Sheehan Brothers Vending. We proudly offer commercial water filtration systems that directly connect to your existing water supply and provide clean, on-demand water without the hassle and expense of frequently replacing bulky water jugs. Attractive and durable, these state-of-the-art water systems are better for your bottom line and help you to shrink your carbon footprint with efficient operation and the absence of water jugs or numerous bottles of water that require recycling, or worse yet, end up in landfills. And because they feature advanced filtering technology, you know you’re providing a healthy beverage option for your employees and visitors.    

Sheehan Brothers customer service representatives will handle routine maintenance, repairs, and support including filter changes and on-site troubleshooting.

When you’re ready to bring your drinking water solution into the 21st Century, contact your Sheehan Brothers Vending account manager or call 937-325-2357 or 1-800-826-7123 for more information and a no-obligation quote.


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