Working to Create a Brighter Tomorrow

At Sheehan Brothers Vending, we’re committed to doing what we can to help improve the environment by reducing pollution, landfill waste, and preserving precious natural resources. To do this, we’ve undertaken initiatives geared towards our business operations, our equipment, and the products we provide our customers.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to create a brighter future: 

  • We recycle all of our cardboard from product packaging and other sources. We process it in our on-site compactor and then send it to a recycling company in Cincinnati—multiple semi loads per year.

  • We recycle all of the motor oil used by our fleet of over 40 vehicles by using it to fuel the Clean Burn® furnace that heats our equipment building. Our Clean Burn furnace is endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and allows us to reuse oil rather than consuming additional resources.

  • To reduce landfill waste, all of our vending equipment (including microwave ovens)—over 100 pieces per year—is parted-out and salvaged at the end of its lifespan. Any leftover materials are sold to licensed scrap metal salvage operators.

  • We return all burned out light bulbs from our building and our vending machines (large fluorescent type) to our suppliers to be recycled properly (hundreds per year).

  • Any new vending machine we purchase is compliant with Energy Star® ratings to save our customers money on utility bills and help shrink their carbon footprints.

  • We offer our office coffee customers all biodegradable and compostable coffee products ranging from cups made with corn-starch to bamboo stir sticks (a renewable resource)—even the cup lids are compostable, with a breakdown cycle of only 90 days.

  • Our in-line water systems eliminate the need for large plastic jugs and plastic water bottles—reducing landfill waste, petrochemical consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Biodegradable, compostable water cups are available upon request.

  • All unsold food, snacks, and beverages are donated to Catholic Social Service’s Second Harvest program on a daily basis. Every year, this saves over 150,000 pounds of waste from going to a landfill, and helps the less fortunate in our community.
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